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About Lacey- Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Austin, Texas

Lacey Rodriguez Dibbles- Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Austin, TXPIN

My life changed on September 24, 2011. My son, Jordan, was born on that day and my husband I could not be more mesmerized by him. Every intricate detail, every laugh, every cry, every move – I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I knew he was going to grow up quickly, so I wanted to capture as many of these special moments as possible. I bought myself a nice camera for Christmas. I loved capturing so many memorable moments of my son – I began doing research on how to take better photos of him and even buying equipment to get the photo I wanted. Several of my friends and family members began to notice and asked me to take photos of their families. The rest, as they say, is history…

As with many photographers, my intention was never to do this professionally, but as my passion for taking photos of my family grew, I noticed that I thoroughly enjoyed taking photos of other families as well. Being a part of an important moment in someone’s life was humbling and exciting for me. I want to continue on this journey in serving those who are looking for a memorable experience like the one I wanted to experience right after 9.24.